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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Reports of foreign banking corporations; penalties
§ 204. Reports of foreign banking corporations; penalties. Every
foreign banking corporation licensed by the superintendent to engage in
business in this state, shall at such times and in such form as the
superintendent shall prescribe, make written reports to the
superintendent under the oath of one of its officers, managers or agents
transacting business in this state, showing the amount of its assets and
liabilities and containing such other matters as the superintendent
shall prescribe. If any such corporation shall fail to make any such
report as directed by the superintendent, it shall be subject to the
penalties prescribed by section one hundred twenty-five of this chapter,
and any false statement contained in any such report or in any other
sworn statement made to the superintendent by such corporation in
pursuance of the provisions of this chapter shall constitute perjury.
Nothing herein contained shall be deemed to modify the prohibitions of
section one hundred thirty-one of this chapter.