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This entry was published on 2023-10-27
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AN ACT in relation to banking corporations, and individuals,

partnerships, unincorporated associations and corporations under the

supervision of the banking department, constituting chapter two of the

consolidated laws.
Became a law April 16, 1914, with the approval of the Governor. Passed,

three-fifths being present.

The People of the State of New York, represented in Senate and
Assembly, do enact as follows:


Article I. Short title; definitions; miscellaneous provisions

(§§ 1--9-z).

II. Department of financial services; superintendent of

financial services; supervisory and regulatory powers

(§§ 10-45).

II-AA. ATM Safety Act (§§ 75-a--75-o).

II-B. Financial frauds (§ 78).

2-C. Community bank deposit program (§§ 85-87)

III. Banks and trust companies (§§ 94--140-a).

III-A. Bank holding companies; control of banking companies (§§


3-B. Subsidiary trust companies (§§ 150-155).

IV. Private bankers (§§ 160-181).

IV-A. Public accommodation offices of banks, trust companies,

savings banks, savings and loan associations and

foreign banking corporations (§§ 190-195).

V. Foreign banking corporations and national banks

(§§ 200-209).

V-A. New York Business Development Corporation (§§ 210-220).

V-B. License for a foreign banking corporation to maintain a

representative (§§ 221-a--221-k).

5-C. Interstate branching (§§ 222--227-c).

5-D. Small business investment companies (§§ 228-a--228-f).

VI. Savings banks (§§ 229--260-b).

VI-B. Fund for insuring deposits in savings banks and/or

otherwise protecting depositors (§§ 282--289-b).

VI-C. Mutual holding companies (§§ 290-294).

VIII. Safe deposit companies (§§ 317-330).

VIII-A. Safe deposit business (§§ 332-338).

IX. Licensed lenders (§§ 340-361).

IX-A. Licensed cashers of checks (§§ 366-374).

X. Savings and loan associations (§§ 375-413).

10-A. State savings and loan insurance fund (§§ 420--420-l).

X-B. Savings and loan bank of the state of New York

(§§ 432-446).

X-C. Mutual holding companies (§§ 447--447-d).

XI. Credit unions (§§ 450--487-a).

11-A. Credit union insurance fund (§§ 490-a--490-j).

11-B. Sales finance companies (§§ 491-502).

12. (Enacted without article heading or schedule of

sections) (§§ 507-520).

XII-A. Mutual trust investment companies (§§ 550-553).

XII-B. Insurance premium finance agencies (§§ 554-578-a).

12-C. Budget planners (§§ 579-587).

12-D. Licensed mortgage bankers (§§ 589-599).

12-E Licensed mortgage loan originators (§§ 599-a--599-r).

XIII. Merger; voluntary dissolution; superintendent's taking

possession; reorganization; liquidation (§§ 600-634).

XIII-A. Licensees: superintendent's taking possession:

conservation: liquidation (§§ 635-639).

XIII-B. Transmitters of money (§§ 640--652-b).

XIII-C. State transmitter of money insurance fund (§§ 653-659).

XIII-D. Misconduct relating to banking organizations

(§§ 660--674-a).

XIII-E. Joint deposits and shares; unauthorized withdrawals;

withdrawals from decedents' accounts (§§ 675-678).

XIV. Laws repealed; construction; when to take effect

(§§ 700-702).

14-A. Student loan services (§§ 710-725).

XV. General provisions applicable to banking stock

corporations, limited liability investment companies,

and limited liability trust companies (§§ 1001-8007).

XVI. General provisions applicable to banking non-stock

corporations (§§ 9001-9019).