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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Licensed Mortgage Bankers
Banking (BNK) CHAPTER 2

Section 589. Declaration of policy.

590. Licensing.

590-a. Junior mortgage loans.

590-b. Responsibilities.

591. Application for a mortgage banker's license; fees.

591-a. Application to register as a mortgage broker; fees.

592. Application process to receive license to engage in the

business of mortgage banking.

592-a. Application process to register as a mortgage broker.

593. License provisions.

593-a. Registration provisions.

594. Changes in officers and directors.

594-b. Changes in control.

595. Grounds for suspension or revocation of license, or

suspension or deletion of name from mortgage broker


595-a. Regulation of mortgage brokers, mortgage bankers and

exempt organizations.

595-b. Regulation of mortgage loan servicers.

595-c. Regulation of dealings of mortgage brokers and home

improvement contractors.

596. Superintendent authorized to examine; expenses.

597. Books and records; reports and electronic filing.

598. Additional penalties for violation of this article;

civil, criminal; liquidated damages.

599. Separability of provisions.