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Banking (BNK) CHAPTER 2

507. Limited liability investment companies.

508. General powers.

509. Restrictions on powers of investment companies.

510. Restrictions as to entries in books.

511. Change of location; change of designation of principal


512. Communications from department of financial services must

be submitted to directors and noted in minutes.

513. Reports to superintendent.

514. Liability of investment company for assessments by


515. Preservation of records of investment company.

516. Restrictions on officers, directors and other employees.

517. How net earnings credited for dividend purposes, credits

to surplus fund and to undivided profits, dividends to


518. Payment of claims by investment companies where adverse

claim is asserted; effect of claims or advices

originating in, and statutes, rules or regulations

purporting to be in force in occupied territory.

519. Acquisition of control of investment companies.

520. Savings clause.

* NB Article heading & schedule of sections omitted in original