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Department of Financial Services; Superintendent of Financial Services; Supervisory and Regulatory Powers
Banking (BNK) CHAPTER 2

Section 10. Declaration of policy.

11. Department of financial services; official documents;

destruction of documents; official communications.

12-a. Power of state chartered banking institutions to exercise

the rights of counterpart federally chartered banking


14. Additional powers of the superintendent.

14-a. Rate of interest; superintendent of financial services to

adopt regulations.

14-b. Power of the superintendent of financial services to

prescribe minimum rate of interest on mortgage escrow


14-c. Power of the superintendent of financial services to

prescribe criteria for disclosue of information on

savings and time accounts.

14-d. Power of the superintendent of financial services to

prescribe a reasonable period of time permitting the

drawing on items received for deposit in a customer's


14-e. Power of the superintendent to authorize the operation of

savings banks and savings and loan associations in stock


14-f. Power of the superintendent of financial services to

require the provision of basic banking services.

18. Fees for copies and certifications.

18-a. Application fees.

18-b. Holocaust reparations payment fees.

19. Assessments for deficiency in reserves against deposits.

20. Assessments, penalties and forfeitures entitled to


21. Collection of assessments, penalties and forfeitures;

proceedings by attorney general.

22. Fingerprints.

23. Acceptance or rejection of certificate; investigation


24. Investigation by superintendent; refusal or approval;

filing certificate.

25. Authorization certificate; when and to whom issued;

contents; filing and recording.

25-a. Authority of superintendent to file organization

certificate and issue authorization certificate under

certain conditions.

26. Licenses to foreign banking corporations; renewal.

27. Exchange and examination of securities.

28. Change of location; change of designation of principal

office; approval or refusal; certificate.

28-a. Temporary change of location; approval or refusal;


28-b. Credit needs of local communities.

28-bb.Credit needs of local communities; mortgage bankers.

28-c. Branch office closings; report to and action by the


29. Branch offices; public accommodation offices; approval or

refusal; certificate; investigation fee.

30. Unclaimed amounts; deposit by superintendent in trust;

preference; release of debtor.

31. Index of persons entitled to unclaimed amounts; payment to

persons entitled; deduction of service charge.

32. Insurance of deposits and share accounts.

33. Reserve depositaries.

34. Superintendent as attorney to accept service of process.

36. Examinations; right of inspection; penalties for refusing

to permit examination.

36-a. Reports of lending by banking organizations.

36-b. Preservation of books and records.

37. Reports to superintendent.

37-a. Submission of annual reports by the Holocaust claims

processing office.

38. Power of subpoena.

39. Orders of superintendent.

40. Revocation of authorization certificate or license or

suspension of activities in certain cases.

41. Removal of director, trustee or officer.

42. Official acts of superintendent and details of department

business to be made public.

44. Violations; penalties.

44-a. Violations and penalties; failure to make reports.

45. Export finance awareness program.