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Short Title; Definitions; Miscellaneous Provisions
Banking (BNK) CHAPTER 2

Section 1. Short title.

2. Definitions.

2-a. Limited liability investment company; definitions.

2-b. Limited liability trust companies; definitions.

4. Information to be given to social services officials,

state department of social services, state department

of mental hygiene, the mental hygiene legal service,

representatives of boards of child welfare and

children's court by banking organizations.

4-a. Banks to display signs.

4-b. Advertising.

4-c. Exemptions from certain provisions of chapter.

5. Loans pursuant to the "Servicemen's Readjustment Act of


6. Investment in obligations of housing corporations

indirectly guaranteed pursuant to the "Servicemen's

Readjustment Act of 1944".

6-a. Investment in obligations of certain persons sixty-five

years of age or over incurred to satisfy real property

tax indebtedness.

6-c. Application forms to be made available; certain cases.

6-d. Requirement to state in writing reason for denial of

mortgage loan.

6-e. Graduated payment mortgages authorized.

6-f. Alternative mortgage instruments made by banks, trust

companies, savings banks, savings and loan associations

and credit unions.

6-g. Override of certain provisions of United States Public

Law 97-320.

6-h. Reverse mortgage loans authorized.

6-i. Mortgage loans.

6-j. Proof of insurance.

6-k. Real property insurance escrow accounts.

6-l. High-cost home loans.

6-m. Subprime home loans.

6-n. Responsibility of banks for mortgages being processed for


6-o. Single point of contact for modifying delinquent home


6-o*2. Reverse cooperative apartment unit loans for persons

sixty-two years of age or older.

6-p. Loan counseling for mortgages guaranteed by the

Servicemen's Readjustment Act of 1944.

7. Payment of dividends or interest upon unclaimed deposits

or shares; limitation of charges in connection with

saving accounts.

8. Deposits by custodian designated by administrator of

veterans' affairs, or by person certified by social

security administration.

9. Checks drawn against corporate funds or payable to

corporations; no notice of defense against or claim to


9-a. Defense of ultra vires.

9-b. Actions or special proceedings by superintendent or


9-c. Superintendent's or attorney-general's action for

judicial dissolution.

9-d. Enforcement of section two hundred ninety-six-a of the

executive law.

9-f. Geographic discrimination in making mortgage loans


9-g. Right of set off.

9-h. Imposition of service charges prohibited.

9-i. Close-out fees prohibited in certain cases.

9-i*2. Prohibition on depositor of early withdrawal penalty in

certain cases.

9-j. Disposal of records; customer accounts.

9-k. Sale of education loans.

9-m. Return of checks.

9-n. Trust accounts; address of beneficiary.

9-o. Mortgage loans; disclosure form.

9-p. Acceptance of certain checks for deposit.

9-r. Geographic restrictions.

9-s. Preauthorized electronic fund transfers.

9-t. Unsolicited mail-loan checks.

9-u. ATM transactions by persons using foreign bank accounts.

9-v. Savings promotion prize giveaway.

9-w. Standard financial aid award letter.

9-x. Mortgage forbearance.

9-x*2. Fees based on inactivity; notification.

9-y. Order of payment of checks and other debits, insufficient

funds charges and return deposit item charges.

9-z. Cashing of certain checks.