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This entry was published on 2023-03-31
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Cashing of certain checks
§ 9-z. Cashing of certain checks. 1. No bank, trust company, savings
bank, savings and loan association or credit union shall, refuse to cash
a cashier's check, a payroll check, or a certified check in the amount
of five hundred dollars or less, drawn on accounts in such institution
or a branch as long as there are sufficient funds within the account on
which the check is drawn. Such institution may require, as a condition
for cashing such check, that the payee present a valid government-issued
photo identification and matching proof of address such as a bank
statement, utility bill or printed pay stub.

2. If a person presents such forms of identification, as provided in
subdivision one of this section, and a signature or mark, and the insti-
tution refuses to cash the check in the absence of suspected fraudulent
activity, such institution shall be guilty of a violation of this
section and shall be subject to penalties pursuant to section forty-four
of this chapter.