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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Superintendent as attorney to accept service of process
§ 34. Superintendent as attorney to accept service of process.
Whenever pursuant to any provision of this chapter, the superintendent
shall have been duly appointed attorney to receive service of process
for any individual, partnership, unincorporated association or
corporation, such service shall be made by personally delivering
duplicate copies of the process to and leaving them with the
superintendent or any deputy superintendent. Service of process so made
shall be deemed to have been made within the territorial jurisdiction of
any court in this state. The superintendent or deputy superintendent
shall forthwith forward by mail, postage prepaid, a copy of every
process served upon him in accordance with this section, directed to the
person last designated by such individual, partnership, unincorporated
association or corporation in accordance with the provisions of this
chapter to receive such process on his or its behalf. For each service
of process upon the superintendent or a deputy, he shall collect the sum
of two dollars, which shall be paid by the plaintiff or moving party at
the time of such service. The term process when used in this section,
includes any writ, summons, petition or order whereby any suit, action
or proceeding shall be commenced.