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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Private Bankers
Banking (BNK) CHAPTER 2

Section 160. Verified certificate.

161. Authorization certificate.

162. Permanent capital; increase or decrease.

163. Restrictions as to place of business.

164. Change of location.

165. Segregation of investments; title to be taken in

descriptive name.

166. Depositors preferred in case of failure or suspension.

167. Reserves against deposits.

168. Restrictions on acceptance of deposits and payment of


171. Repayment of deposits standing in the names of minors,

trustees or joint depositors; repayment where adverse

claim is asserted; interpleader in certain actions;

effect of claims or advices originating in, and

statutes, rules or regulations purporting to be inforce

in occupied territory.

172. Restrictions on investments.

173. Rate of interest; effect of usury.

174. Restrictions on purchases of, and loans on real estate.

175. Books and records.

176. Reports required by superintendent; penalty for failure to


177. Official communications from superintendent.

178. Business of deceased private banker; continuation;


179. Effect of revocation of authorization certificate.

180. Prohibitions against encroachment upon certain powers of

private bankers, savings banks and savings and loan


181. Exemptions of certain private bankers.