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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Books and records
§ 175. Books and records. 1. Every private banker shall keep separate
and complete books of account in which shall be promptly entered the
details of all business transacted by him as a private banker including
statements in detail of the liabilities incurred by him as a private
banker and of the securities or property in which funds held by him as a
private banker have been invested.

2. Every private banker shall conform his or her methods of keeping
his or her books and records to such orders in respect thereto as shall
have been made and promulgated by the superintendent pursuant to article
two of this chapter. Any private banker who refuses or neglects to obey
any such order shall be subject to a penalty of an amount as determined
pursuant to section forty-four of this chapter for each day that such
refusal or neglect continues.

3. Every private banker shall preserve all his records of final entry,
including cards used under the card system and deposit tickets, for a
period of at least six years from the date of making the same or from
the date of the last entry thereon; provided, however, that preservation
of photographic reproduction thereof or records in photographic form
shall constitute compliance with the requirements of this section.