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This entry was published on 2023-10-27
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Insurance Premium Finance Agencies
Banking (BNK) CHAPTER 2

Section 554. Definitions.

555. License.

555-a. Changes in control.

556. Action by superintendent on application.

557. License provisions and posting.

558. Change of location.

559. Grounds for revocation of license; procedure.

560. Investigations and examinations.

561. Regulations and rulings.

563. Violations and penalties.

565. Licensee's books and records; reports.

566. Insurance agents and brokers; acquisition by premium

finance agencies of premium finance agreements.

567. Form and content of premium finance agreements.

568. Limitation on service and other charges.

569. Delinquency, collection and cancellation charges;

attorney's fees.

570. Restrictions on premium finance agreements.

571. Delivery of copy of premium finance agreement.

572. Notice of assignment; payments.

573. Statement of account; receipts.

574. Credit upon anticipation of payments.

575. Refinancing.

576. Cancellation of insurance contract upon default.

577. Interpretation of article.

577-a. Premium finance agreements.

578. Severability.

578-a. Electronic notes and documents.