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Banks and Trust Companies
Banking (BNK) CHAPTER 2

Section 94. Change from bank to trust company; from trust company to


96. General powers.

96-a. Servicing of mortgages by banks.

96-b. Payroll payment by banks or trust companies.

96-c. Power to act as trustee under self-employed retirement

trust or individual retirement trust.

96-d. Banking development districts.

97. Power to purchase securities and stocks.

98. Power to take and hold real estate; restrictions.

98-a. Club accounts.

100. Fiduciary powers.

100-a. Fiduciary capacities; appointment by court authorized;

bond; oath; accounting.

100-b. Investments as fiduciary; when interest is to be paid;


100-c. Common trust funds.

100-d. Foreign common trust funds.

101. Additional powers of certain trust companies.

102. Powers of specially chartered trust companies.

102-a. Limited liability trust companies.

103. Restrictions on loans, purchases of securities, total

liabilities and other credit exposures to a bank or

trust company of any one person.

104. Entries in books; restrictions; amortization of


105. Branch offices; prohibition against doing business at

unauthorized places.

105-a. Electronic facilities.

105-b. Trust offices.

106. Deposits by banks and trust companies with other banking

corporations and private bankers; restrictions.

107. Reserves against deposits.

107-a. Security for public deposits.

108. Rates of interest; installment obligations; personal

loan departments.

108-a. Acceptance of United States currency.

109. Closing of books; profits; how to be computed.

110. Surplus fund; of what composed, and for what purposes


111. Profits; credits to surplus fund and to undivided


112. Dividends; payable from net profits; restrictions.

113. Change of location; change of designation of principal


114. Assessment of stockholders to make good impairment of

capital stock; sale of stock.

121. Reports to directors.

122. Examinations of banks and trust companies by directors;

employment of assistants.

123. Reports of directors' examinatons.

124. Communications from department of financial services to

be submitted to directors and noted in minutes.

125. Reports to superintendent; penalty for failure to make.

128. Preservation of books and records.

129. Requirement of notice on withdrawal of certain time

deposits; notice to superintendent.

129-a. Requirement of written notification; alternative payment


130. Restrictions on officers, directors and employees.

131. Prohibitions against encroachments upon certain powers

of banks and trust companies.

132. Use of sign, or words, indicating bank or trust company

by unauthorized persons prohibited.

133. Use of banking institution name.

134. Repayment of deposits standing in the names of minors,

trustees or joint depositors; repayment where adverse

claim is asserted; interpleader in certain actions;

effect of claims or advices originating in, and

statutes, rules or regulations purporting to be in

force in occupied territories.

136. Change of national banking association into state bank

by conversion or merger.

136-a. Purchase of assets of national banking association by

bank or trust company.

136-b. Approval of superintendent.

136-c. Effect of merger or conversion of national banking

association into state bank.

137. Change of state bank into national banking association

by conversion, merger or consolidation.

138. Foreign branches; performance of contracts and repayment

of deposits.

139. Saving clause.

140-a. Stock option plans.