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Savings and Loan Associations
Banking (BNK) CHAPTER 2

Section 375. Incorporation; organization certificate.

376. Proposed by-laws.

377. When corporate existence begins.

378. Power to issue shares; dues thereon.

378-a. Time deposits.

378-b. Club accounts.

378-c. Excelsior linked deposit program.

378-d. Preservation of books and records.

378-e. Water pollution control linked deposit program.

379. Power to invest in securities.

379-b. Service corporation owned by associations; authorized

activities of such corporation; investment therein.

380. Power to make loans.

380-a. Power to purchase mortgage, loan or investment.

380-b. Power to purchase mortgages from mortgage holders.

380-c. Power to participate in certain loans and mortgage


380-e. Effect of usury.

380-f. Power to make advances of federal funds.

380-g. Power to engage in line of credit financing of

residential real estate.

380-h. Trust powers.

380-i. Personal loan departments.

380-j. Authorization to acquire and lease personal property.

380-k. Investment in promissory notes.

380-l. Excelsior linked deposit program.

380-m. Water pollution control linked deposit program.

381. Power to take and hold real estate; restrictions.

382. Power to borrow.

382-a. Power to act as trustee under self-employed retirement

trust and of individual retirement account; investment

in savings account.

382-b. Power to issue certain obligations.

383. Other powers.

383-a. Rental of safe deposit boxes.

384. Entries in books; restrictions; amortization of


385. Surplus account.

386. Profits; how and when to be computed.

387. Credits to surplus account and undivided profits;

dividends to shareholders.

388. Fines and penalties for failure to make payments on

instalment shares.

389. Matured shares; conversion into shares of another class

upon notice.

390. Withdrawal of unpledged shares; provisions for dividends.

392. Retirement of shares; suspension; transfer.

393. Repayment of mortgage loans; application of pledged


394. Joint shares; shares of minors; shares in trust.

395. Alternative provisions relative to payment of interest to


396. Change of location; change of designation of principal

office; maintenance of branch office.

396-a. Electronic facilities.

396-b. Acceptance of United States currency.

397. Number, qualifications and disqualifications of

directors; oath; quorum; meeting of directors.

397-a. Report to directors.

398. Filling of vacancies in board of directors; change in

number of directors.

398-a. Forfeiture of office of director.

398-b. Duties of directors and officers.

398-c. Executive committee and other committees.

399. Restrictions on directors and officers.

399-a. Restrictions on holding of certain offices by executive

officers of federal savings banks and federal savings


400. Pensions; insurance.

401. Official communications to be submitted to directors and

noted in minutes.

402. Amendment of articles of association and by-laws.

403. Examination by directors.

404. Reports to the superintendent; penalty for failure to


404-a. Photographic reproduction of records.

405. Annual report to shareholders; delivery and publication.

406. Charters conformed to this article; obligations and

rights unimpaired; saving clause; applicability to

stock-form savings and loan associations.

407. Exemptions.

409. Conversion of a state savings and loan association into a

federal savings and loan association.

410. Conversion of a federal savings and loan association into

a state savings and loan association.

411. Conversion of a savings and loan association or federal

savings and loan association into a savings bank.

412. Conversion of federal savings institutions to state


413. Reciprocal interstate acquisitions.