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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Licensed Lenders
Banking (BNK) CHAPTER 2

Section 340. Doing business without license prohibited.

341. Application for license; fees; capital requirements.

342. Conditions precedent to issuing license; procedure where

application denied.

343. License provisions; separate license for each place of

business; change of location.

344. Issuance of license upon acquisition of business of

licensed lender.

345. Application for acquisition of control of licensed lender

by purchase of stock.

347. Grounds for revocation or suspension of license; procedure.

348. Superintendent authorized to examine.

349. Licensee's books and records; reports.

350. Restrictions concerning advertising, liens on real estate,

and places where loans made.

351. Restrictions on loans subject to the provisions of this

article; interest; other charges.

352. Acts required of licensees; acts prohibited.

353. Limitation on licensee's charges on certain loans.

354. Restrictions on assignments of compensation for services.

355. Solicitation of loans.

356. Restrictions on certain loans by non-licensees, interests,

other charges; loans made outside this state.

357. Insurance.

358. Penalties.

359. Authority of superintendent.

360. Short title.

361. Severability.