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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Reports to superintendent; penalty for failure to make
§ 329. Reports to superintendent; penalty for failure to make. On or
before the first day of February in each year, every safe deposit
company shall make a written report to the superintendent of financial
services which shall contain a statement of its condition on the morning
of the first day of January in said year. Every such report shall be
subscribed and affirmed as true under the penalties of perjury,
according to the best of their knowledge and belief, by the two
principal officers in charge of the affairs of the safe deposit company
at the time of such subscription and shall state that the usual business
of the safe deposit company has been transacted at the location required
by this article and not elsewhere.

Every safe deposit company shall also make such other special reports
to the superintendent as he may from time to time require, which shall
be in such form and filed at such date as may be prescribed by the
superintendent and shall, if required by him, be subscribed and affirmed
as true under the penalties of perjury.

If any safe deposit company shall fail to make any report required by
this section on or before the day designated for the making thereof, or
shall fail to include therein any matter required by the superintendent,
it shall forfeit to the people of the state an amount as determined
pursuant to section forty-four-a of this chapter for every day that such
report shall be delayed or withheld, and for every day that it shall
fail to report any such omitted matter, unless the time therefor shall
have been extended by the superintendent as provided in article two of
this chapter.