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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Annual meeting; notice; voting
§ 444. Annual meeting; notice; voting. The annual meeting of the
shareholders for the election of directors shall be held in January in
each year at a place within the state to be determined by the board of
directors. Notice of the time and place of holding such election shall
be given by publication thereof, at least once in each week for two
successive weeks immediately preceding such election, in a newspaper
published in the city of New York and by mailing a copy of such notice
postage prepaid to each shareholder of the savings and loan bank not
less than ten nor more than forty days before the holding of such
meeting. Each member shall be entitled to one vote, and to such
additional votes not exceeding one vote for every share of the capital
standing in its name on the books of the savings and loan bank as the
by-laws may prescribe. Such vote or votes may be cast by mail when so
provided in the by-laws.