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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Reports to superintendent; penalty for failure to make
§ 482. Reports to superintendent; penalty for failure to make. 1.
Credit unions shall forward to the superintendent all reports required
by the National Credit Union Administration.

2. Every credit union shall also make such other special reports to
the superintendent at such times as he may require, which reports shall
be in the form and filed on the date prescribed by the superintendent.

3. If any credit union shall fail to make any report required by this
section on or before the day designated for the making thereof, or shall
fail to include therein any information required by the superintendent
to be included, such credit union shall forfeit to the people of the
state an amount as determined pursuant to section forty-four-a of this
chapter for every day that such report shall be delayed or withheld, and
for every day that it shall fail to report any such omitted information,
unless the time therefor shall have been extended by the superintendent.