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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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§ 498. Complaints. 1. Any buyer having reason to believe that this
article, or any other law regulating retail instalment sales, contracts,
obligations or credit agreements, has been violated by any person may
file with the superintendent a written complaint setting forth the
details of such alleged violation. Upon receipt of such complaint, the
superintendent, or any person duly designated by him, may inspect the
pertinent books, records, letters and contracts of any licensee, and of
any retail seller or other person involved, relating to such specific
written complaint.

2. The superintendent or any person duly designated by him, shall have
the power to hold hearings upon such complaints and to determine the
time and place in this state, reasonably convenient to the parties
involved, where they shall be held.

3. The superintendent shall make findings on any complaint on which a
hearing has been held. The investigation, notice and hearing shall be in
accordance with the provisions of this article and one copy of the
findings shall be given to each such person involved in the complaint.

4. No licensee or other person shall be subject to examination or
investigation by the superintendent except as provided in this article.
The superintendent shall have only such powers as are expressly
delegated to him by this article.