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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Licensee's books and records; reports
§ 586. Licensee's books and records; reports. 1. The licensee shall
keep and use in its business such books, accounts, and records as will
enable the superintendent to determine whether such licensee is
complying with the provisions of this article and with the rules and
regulations lawfully made by the superintendent hereunder. Every
licensee shall preserve such books, accounts, and records, for at least
three years; provided, however, that preservation by photographic
reproduction thereof or records in photographic form shall constitute
compliance with the requirements of this section.

2. Each licensee shall annually, on or before the first day of
February, file a report with the superintendent giving such information
as the superintendent may require concerning the business and operations
during the preceding calendar year of such licensee under authority of
this article. Such report shall be subscribed and affirmed as true by
the licensee under the penalties of perjury and shall be in the form
prescribed by the superintendent. In addition to annual reports, the
superintendent may require, under oath and in the form prescribed by
him, such additional regular or special reports as he may deem necessary
to the proper supervision of licensees under this article. Such
additional reports shall be in the form prescribed by the superintendent
and shall be subscribed and affirmed as true under the penalties of