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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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§ 599-q. Confidentiality. In order to promote more effective
regulation and reduce regulatory burden through supervisory information
sharing, information provided to the superintendent by an MLO shall be
subject to the following:

1. Except as otherwise provided in public law 110-289, section 1512,
the requirements under any federal law, the freedom of information law
("FOIL") or other law of this state regarding the privacy or
confidentiality of any information or material provided to the NMLSR,
and any privilege arising under federal or state law (including the
rules of any federal or state court) with respect to such information or
material, shall continue to apply to such information or material after
the information or material has been disclosed to the NMLSR. Such
information and material may be shared with all state and federal
regulatory officials with mortgage industry oversight authority without
the loss of privilege of the loss of confidentiality protections
provided by federal law, FOIL or this chapter.

2. For these purposes, the superintendent is authorized to enter into
agreements or sharing arrangements with other governmental agencies, the
Conference of State Bank Supervisors, the American Association of
Residential Mortgage Regulators or other associations representing
governmental agencies as established by rule, regulation or order of the