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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Meetings of stockholders
§ 6002. Meetings of stockholders. 1. Meetings of stockholders may be
held at such place, within or without this state, as may be fixed by or
under the by-laws, or if not so fixed, at the office of the corporation
in this state except that the annual meetings of stockholders of banks
and trust companies, stock-form savings banks, and stock-form savings
and loan associations shall be held in the city or village in which the
office of the bank or trust company, stock-form savings bank, or
stock-form savings and loan association is located.

2. A meeting of stockholders shall be held annually for the election
of directors and the transaction of other business within the first four
months of each institution's fiscal year in the case of banks, trust
companies, stock-form savings banks, stock-form savings and loan
associations, and safe deposit companies and on a date fixed by or under
the by-laws in the case of investment companies. A failure to hold the
annual meeting on the date so fixed or to elect a sufficient number of
directors to conduct the business of the corporation shall not work a
forfeiture or give cause for dissolution of the corporation.

3. Special meetings of the stockholders may be called by the board and
by such person or persons as may be so authorized by the organization
certificate or the by-laws.