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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Special deputies; assistants; counsel and other employees
§ 611. Special deputies; assistants; counsel and other employees. The
superintendent may, by certificate, under his hand and the official seal
of the department, appoint one or more special deputy superintendents as
agent or agents to assist him in liquidating the business and affairs of
any banking organization in his possession. The superintendent shall
file such certificate in his office and shall cause a certified copy
thereof to be filed with the supreme court in the judicial district in
which the principal office of such banking organization is located. He
may delegate such special deputy superintendents to perform such duties
connected with such liquidation as he may deem proper. The
superintendent may employ such counsel and expert assistants, without
being subject to the requirements of section one hundred twelve of the
state finance law or to the prior approval of any other state agency,
under such titles as he shall assign to them and may retain such of the
officers or employees of such banking organization as he may deem
necessary in the liquidation and distribution of its assets. He shall
require such security as he may deem proper from his agents and
assistants appointed pursuant to the provisions of this section.