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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Place and time of meetings of the board
§ 7010. Place and time of meetings of the board. 1. Meetings, regular
or special, of the board may be held at any place within or without this
state, unless otherwise provided by the organization certificate or the

2. The board of every bank and trust company, stock-form savings bank,
and stock-form savings and loan association shall, after their due
qualification, hold an annual meeting for the election of officers
within twenty-five days after the annual meeting of stockholders. The
board of every such corporation shall hold a regular monthly meeting at
least ten times a year provided, however, that during any three
consecutive calendar months the board shall meet at least twice. The
executive committee shall meet at least once in each thirty day period
during which the board does not meet.

3. Subject to subdivisions one and two, the time and place for holding
meetings of the board may be fixed by or under the by-laws, or, if not
so fixed, by the board.