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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Report of compliance
§ 75-g. Report of compliance. 1. By the fifteenth day of January and
July of each year (or the following business day if such day is not a
business day), every banking institution which had an automated teller
machine facility which was in operation on the fifteenth day of the
preceding month shall submit a written compliance report to the
department on a form prescribed by the superintendent, certifying that
such automated teller machine facility is in compliance with the
provisions of this article or any variance or exemption that has been
granted, or if such facility is not in compliance with such provisions,
stating the manner in which such facility fails to meet such
requirements. Notwithstanding article three of the state technology law
or any other law to the contrary, the superintendent may require that
such reports and any other reports required by this section shall be
made by electronic means, unless the superintendent, in his or her sole
discretion, grants a waiver of such electronic filing requirements, upon
good cause shown.

2. If any compliance report required by subdivision one of this
section indicates any failure to meet the requirements of this article,
such banking institution shall submit a written report to the
department, on a form prescribed by the superintendent, no later than
the eleventh business day following such compliance report, indicating
whether each such failure has been corrected and, for any failure that
has not been corrected, the reason for such failure and the expected
correction date. If any such failure shall not have been corrected
within ten business days of the filing date of the applicable compliance
report, such banking institution shall, promptly after correcting such
failure, submit a written report to the department with the date or
dates of each such correction.