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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Certificates as evidence
§ 9011. Certificates as evidence. 1. Any certificate or other
instrument filed by the superintendent relating to a corporation or
foreign corporation and containing statements of fact, required or
permitted by law to be contained therein, shall be received in all
courts, public offices and official bodies as prima facie evidence of
such facts and of the execution of such instrument.

2. Whenever by the laws of any jurisdiction other than this state, any
certificate by any officer in such jurisdiction or a copy of any
instruments certified or exemplified by such officer, may be received as
prima facie evidence of the incorporation, existence or capacity of any
foreign corporation incorporated in such jurisdiction, or claiming so to
be, such certificate when exemplified shall be received in all courts,
public offices and official bodies of this state, as prima facie
evidence with the same force as in such jurisdiction. Such certificate
or certified copy of such instrument shall be so received, without being
exemplified, if it is certified by the secretary of state, or officer
performing the equivalent functions, as to corporate records of such