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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Damages caused by excessive loads
§ 69. Damages caused by excessive loads. The commissioner of
transportation shall cause, where required, the posting of all bridges
under his jurisdiction located on the canal system in conformity with
the provisions of the vehicle and traffic law. Upon all such bridges
incapable of safely carrying legal loads as prescribed in such law or
where the overhead clearance is less than the legal height of fourteen
feet, the commissioner of transportation shall have displayed on both
ends of such bridge signs stating the safe carrying capacity and legal
clearance of such structure, all in accordance with the provisions of
section three hundred eighty-five of the vehicle and traffic law. No
person shall cause to be transported over such a bridge a vehicle whose
load is in excess of that shown upon the posted sign or whose height is
in excess of the legal clearance as shown on such posted sign. Any
person violating the above provisions shall be subject to the penalties
imposed under section three hundred eighty-five of the vehicle and
traffic law and in addition thereto shall be liable for all damages to
such structure resulting from violation of such law. The commissioner of
transportation is hereby authorized and directed to proceed, on behalf
of the people of the state, to cause to be recovered, by the
attorney-general in an appropriate action in any court of competent
jurisdiction, the amount of damages sustained and expenses incurred by
the state in consequence of such violation.