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This entry was published on 2021-04-09
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Packaging and labeling of cannabinoid hemp and hemp extract
§ 103. Packaging and labeling of cannabinoid hemp and hemp extract. 1.
Cannabinoid hemp processors shall be required to provide appropriate
label warning to consumers, and restricted from making unapproved label
claims, as determined by the board, concerning the potential impact on
or benefit to human health resulting from the use of cannabinoid hemp,
hemp extract and products derived therefrom for human consumption, which
labels shall be affixed to those products when sold, pursuant to rules
and regulations that the board may adopt.

2. The board may, by rules and regulations, require processors to
establish a code, including, but not limited to QR code, for labels and
establish methods and procedures for determining, among other things,
serving sizes or dosages for cannabinoid hemp, hemp extract and products
derived therefrom, active cannabinoid concentration per serving size,
number of servings per container, and the growing region, state or
country of origin if not from the United States. Such rules and
regulations may require an appropriate fact panel that incorporates data
regarding serving sizes and potency thereof.

3. The packaging, sale, or possession of products derived from
cannabinoid hemp or hemp extract used for human consumption not labeled
or offered in conformity with regulations under this section shall be
grounds for the seizure or quarantine of the product, the imposition of
a civil penalty against a processor or retailer, and the suspension,
revocation or cancellation of a license, in accordance with this