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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Meetings of the board
§ 152. Meetings of the board. 1. The board of supervisors shall, in
addition to the meeting to organize the board, hold regular meetings at
stated intervals.

2. Special meetings shall be held at the call of the clerk of the
board upon direction of the chairman, or at the call of the clerk of the
board upon direction of the vice-chairman provided that upon convening,
a majority of the members of the board pass a resolution ratifying such
call or upon written request signed by a majority of the members of the
board. Notice in writing stating the time, place and purpose of the
special meeting shall be served personally or by mail upon each member
by the clerk of the board at least forty-eight hours before the date
fixed for holding the meeting or a member may waive the service of the
notice for such meeting by a writing signed by him. Only business
specified in the notice thereof may be transacted at a special meeting.

3. Any meeting of the board of supervisors may be adjourned from time
to time. All meetings of the board shall be public.

4. No action of such board changing the place of meeting where such
board has regularly met to any other city, town or village in the county
shall be valid unless approved by the affirmative vote of at least
three-quarters of the total membership of such board.