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Rules of procedure
§ 153. Rules of procedure. 1. A power of the county, whether in terms
vested in the county or in the board of supervisors shall, except as
otherwise expressly provided, be exercised through a local law or
resolution duly adopted by the board.

2. A majority of the whole number of the members of the board of
supervisors shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business,
but a less number may adjourn.

3. Each local law or resolution shall have a title prefixed concisely
stating the contents.

4. Whenever in this chapter or other general, special or local law,
the board of supervisors is authorized or required to act, and no
proportion of the voting strength for such action is otherwise
prescribed, such action shall be taken by the affirmative vote of a
majority of the total membership of the board. A roll call shall be
taken and entered by the clerk in the minutes of its proceedings when
required by law or upon request of any member of the board.

5. All resolutions shall become effective upon their adoption, or as
otherwise provided by this chapter or other law or as specified in the

6. Subject to the restrictions provided in this chapter or other law,
the board of supervisors shall have power to amend, repeal or supersede
any local law or resolution theretofore adopted.

7. The board of supervisors shall have power to compel the attendance
of members at regular and special meetings of the board and at committee
meetings. In all cases of absence during any regular or special meeting
of the board, or any committee meeting called pursuant to written
notice, the board of supervisors may impose a penalty not exceeding
fifty dollars for each non-attendance without sufficient excuse as the
rules shall provide. Absence by reason of performance of official duty
for the county, or absence occasioned by attendance at a meeting of the
town board of a town, or absence occasioned by the performance of any
other official duty, shall at all times be deemed a sufficient excuse.

8. Except as otherwise expressly provided, the board of supervisors of
each county shall determine the rules of its own proceedings. Unless
the rules of the board otherwise provide, no rule may be suspended
except by the unanimous vote of the members present and voting at any
regular or special meeting of the board.

9. The terms "whole number of the members of the board" and "whole
number of its membership, " as used in this chapter, shall be construed
to mean the total number which the board of supervisors would have were
there no vacancies and were none of the supervisors disqualified from