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Compensation of supervisors
§ 200. Compensation of supervisors. 1. Notwithstanding the election of
a supervisor for a fixed term, the board of supervisors of each county
shall have power from time to time to fix the compensation of its
members for services rendered to the county. Except as hereinafter
provided, such compensation shall be an annual salary and shall be in
lieu of all fees, charges or compensation for all services rendered to
the county. Each supervisor shall be entitled to receive an equal
amount, except the chairman and the majority and minority leaders of the
board, who may be paid an additional amount. Until otherwise provided,
the compensation to be paid by a county to each member of the board of
supervisors shall be the amount authorized to be paid therein for the
year nineteen hundred fifty.

2. Upon the adoption of a proposition therefor submitted as provided
in this chapter, the members of the board of supervisors of a county, in
lieu of an annual salary, may be paid a salary for board meetings and
per diem compensation for committee work, or per diem compensation for
both board meetings and committee work. The proposition may be initiated
by a resolution of the board of supervisors or by a petition duly
subscribed by electors of the county qualified to vote at a general
election of county officers, in number equal at least to five per centum
of the total vote cast for governor in said county at the last general
election held for the election of governor. Such petition shall be
acknowledged or authenticated in the same manner as provided by the
election law for a designating petition. The proposition may be
submitted at either a general or a special election as provided by a
resolution of the board of supervisors, and shall become effective at
the commencement of the fiscal year next following its adoption. Moneys
appropriated to pay salaries of members of the board of supervisors for
such next succeeding fiscal year, shall continue to be available to pay
the compensation of the members of such board earned during such fiscal
year in accordance with the proposition as adopted. If such proposition
be adopted, no further vote shall be submitted before the fifth year

3. The salary, or the rate of per diem compensation, or both, as the
case may be, fixed and paid during a fiscal year shall not exceed the
salary or rate as specified in the notice of the public hearing on the
tentative budget prepared for such fiscal year, published pursuant to
section three hundred fifty-nine of this chapter.