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This entry was published on 2022-11-18
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General Powers of Board of Supervisors
County (CNT) CHAPTER 11

Section 200. Compensation of supervisors.

201. Compensation of officers.

202. Publication of compensation and expenses of supervisors

in certain counties.

203. Expenses incurred in the performance of official duty.

204. Positions of employment.

205. Compensation of employees.

205-a. Certain pilot projects.

206. Hours of work and office hours.

206-a. Business in county offices on holidays and Saturdays.

207. Vacations; sick leaves; leaves of absence.

208. Books and records.

209. Investigations.

210. Examination and post audit.

211. Printed and electronically recorded proceedings of the


212. Designation of depositaries.

214. Designation of newspapers; official publications.

215. County property; general provisions.

216. Location of county offices.

217. County jail.

217-a. Qualification for employment as a county correction


218. Courthouses and judicial expenditures.

218-a. County detention facilities for juvenile delinquents

and persons in need of supervision.

218-b. Prisoner furlough program in county jails and


219. Reforested lands.

220. County planning board.

220-a. Water quality management agency.

221. County park commission.

222. Cemeteries.

223. Flood control and soil conservation.

223-a. (Enacted without section heading).

223-b. EMS training and mutual aid programs.

224. Optional appropriations and contracts for public

benefit services.

224-a. Elimination of noxious weeds.

224-b. Cooperative extension area and statewide program


225. Optional appropriations for public benefit services

administered by the board.

225-a. Fire training and mutual aid programs.

225-b. Contracts for visiting nursing services.

226. Monuments and memorials.

226-a. Patriotic observances.

226-b. Solid waste management; resource recovery.

226-c. Waiver of fees for veterans' organizations.

226-c*2. Waiver of fees for veterans organizations.

226-c*3. Waiver of fees for veterans' organizations.

226-d. Waiver of fees for veterans' organizations.

226-e. Waiver of fees for veterans' organizations.

227. Legalizing acts.

228. Disputed town boundaries.

229. Erection and dissolution of towns.

231. Expenses of police officer or peace officer injured in

line of duty.

232. County officers' and county executives' associations.

233. Procedure on tax limit increase.

233-a. Amounts to be included or excluded in computing

constitutional taxing power.

233-b. Payment in lieu of taxes for property acquired for park

or recreational purposes.

234. Additional powers granted under other laws.

234-a. Service of notice in relation to constitutionality of

local law, ordinance, rule or regulation of a county.

235. (Enacted without section heading).

236. County plumbing licensing.

236-a. County master electrician licensing.

236-b. County electrical inspector licensing.

237. Alcoholic beverage control.