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County Water, Sewer, Drainage and Refuse Districts
County (CNT) CHAPTER 11

Section 250. Purpose.

251. County agency.

252. Powers of county agency.

253. Preparation of maps and plans.

253-a. Provision for excess sewer, drainage or water


253-b. Amendment or modification of plans.

254. Public hearing; cost to typical property.

255. Representation by municipalities and district.

256. Establishment of a county district.

256-a. Consolidation of Suffolk county sewer district number

two - Holbrook and Suffolk county sewer district

number four - Birchwood North Shore.

256-b. Suffolk county wastewater management district.

257. Permissive referendum.

258. Application to the department of audit and control.

259. Recording and filing of determination.

260. Review.

261. Administration of the county district.

262. Performance of the work.

263. Powers.

263-a. Powers with respect to lake protection and


264. Rules and regulations.

265. Contracts.

266. Water rates, water quality treatment, sewage, wastewater

disposal and refuse collection charges and revenues.

267. Expense of the improvement.

268. Increase and improvement of facilities.

269. Increase of maximum amount to be expended.

270. Assessment of the cost.

271. Alternative method of assessment.

272. Taxation of district property.

273. Contracts with public authorities for county water


274. Extension of the district.

274-a. Consolidation of county districts by board of


274-b. Consolidation of the district and its extensions.

275. Sale of water district facilities.

276. Jurisdiction of other state agencies.

277. Establishment of certain county sewer districts in

Suffolk county.

278. Definitions.

279. Operation of certain collection and disposal facilities

in Suffolk county.

279-a. Acquisition of real property for future districts in

Suffolk county.

279-b. Agreements of county district; certain cases.

279-c. Certain agreements of a county sewer district in Orange


279-d. Water districts in the county of Westchester.