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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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County agency
§ 251. County agency. The board of supervisors may appoint or
establish an officer, board or body, or may designate an existing
officer, board or body, or public authority which possesses the express
power to act as such an agency, to act as a county water, water quality
treatment, sewer, wastewater disposal, drainage, refuse or public inland
lake protection and rehabilitation agency (hereinafter referred to in
this article as the "agency") having the powers hereinafter prescribed
in sections two hundred fifty-two, two hundred fifty-three and two
hundred fifty-four, and such other powers and duties as the board of
supervisors may determine necessary to carry into effect the provisions
of this article. Except in the case of a public authority, the agency
may also be designated as the administrative head or body of any county
district which may be established pursuant to the provisions of this
article. All matters relating to the membership of such agency,
including, but not limited to, numbers, method of selection, tenure,
qualifications and compensation, shall be determined by the board of