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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Agreements of county district; certain cases
§ 279-b. Agreements of county district; certain cases. 1.
Notwithstanding the provisions of any other law, a county district in
the county of Suffolk, acting through its administrative head, is hereby
authorized and empowered, from time to time, to enter into or amend,
supplement, modify, change or extend agreements, including but not
limited to, contracts, leases, rental or management agreements with, or
grant licenses, permits, concessions or any other authorizations to any
private corporation, partnership or individual, upon such terms and
conditions and for such consideration and for such term or duration not
to exceed twenty-five years, as may be agreed upon by said
administrative head, with the approval of the county legislature of the
county wherein such private entity is granted the right to construct,
operate, maintain, use, manage, occupy, lease, own, or any of them, all
or part of certain facilities it or the district owns or will own and to
carry on activities or furnish services, in whole or in part relative to
the manner of sewerage and wastewater treatment and collection for the
district on sites approved by the district which may either be owned by
the district, county or privately.

2. A private entity which is a party to such agreement may be granted
the rights hereinbefore referred to for any purpose or purposes which
shall, by utilization of such sewerage and wastewater treatment and
collection facilities, benefit the people of the county district or
provide for the improvement of their health and welfare or aid and
assist in the financing of the construction, operation or maintenance of
such facilities.

3. The by-products, if any, generated by the facility may be sold,
utilized or otherwise disposed of by the private entity pursuant to the
agreement, upon such terms and conditions and for such consideration as
may be agreed upon by the parties thereto.

4. Nothing contained in the provisions of this section shall exempt
the district from any applicable provision of law relating to the
requirements for public bidding.