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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Acquisition of real property for future districts in Suffolk county
§ 279-a. Acquisition of real property for future districts in Suffolk
county. 1. In the county of Suffolk, upon the adoption of a resolution,
the county legislature may acquire, in the name of the county, any real
property or rights therein for use by a future district or districts, or
extensions thereof in such county.

2. Any such acquisition of real property or rights therein as herein
authorized shall be for the purposes of one or more future districts or
extensions thereof which may be established and after the establishment
thereof, such real property shall be utilized for such purposes. In the
event, however, such district, districts or extensions are not created
or the property becomes unsuitable or undesirable for such district
purposes, the property may be used for other county purposes, if
practicable to do so, but if not, the property may be sold and disposed
of in the same manner as other county property no longer needed for
county purposes.

3. The initial expense, if any, of any acquisition authorized pursuant
to this section shall be a general county charge and shall be assessed,
levied and collected in the same manaer and at the same time as other
county charges, provided, however, nothing herein contained shall be
construed to prevent financing acquisition, in whole or in part,
pursuant to the local finance law.

4. When the county authorizes the use of any property or rights
therein acquired pursuant to this section and conveys the same to any
district, districts or extensions thereof thereafter established, the
expense, if any, of such acquisition or a proportionate share of such
expense and the cost of maintenance, if any, shall be allocated to the
district or extension thereof by the county legislature upon the
establishment of such district or extension. Such allocated amount,
together with the expense, if any, of the construction of the original
improvement for such district or extension, shall be included as a part
of the original improvement and maximum amount authorized for and to be
spent by such district or extension. Upon conveyance to the district,
the district shall repay to the county the aforesaid allocated amount.