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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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§ 265. Contracts. a. The administrative head or body, where
applicable, may contract (1) for the purchase, from any legal entity
having water available, of any quantity of water for resale within the
water district on either a wholesale or retail basis, subject to the
approval of the contract by the county legislative body, or (2) for the
collection, conveyance, treatment or disposal of sewage, wastewater
disposal, water quality treatment residuals, drainage and refuse with
any public corporation or any county or town on behalf of any
improvement district and also with any other sewer district, wastewater
disposal district, water quality treatment district or private
corporation. If the county drainage district has capacity in excess of
its own needs, the county legislative body may contract for the
conveyance of storm water and other waters, both surface and
sub-surface, from municipalities, districts and persons, corporate or
otherwise, outside the drainage district.

If a Suffolk county sewer district has capacity in excess of its own
needs, the administrative head may contract with municipalities,
districts, public or private corporations, or individuals within or
without the district for the collection, conveyance, treatment or
disposal of sewage including scavenger waste.

b. Upon the adoption of a resolution, the administrative head or body
of a district, with the approval of the county legislative body, may
enter into such contracts, as it may deem necessary, with any person,
corporation or association for the purpose of ensuring that the cost of
the county district will not constitute an undue burden upon the
property within such district and may require the filing of a surety
bond or bonds or the deposit of cash or securities with the county
treasurer to ensure the performance of such contracts.