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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Powers with respect to lake protection and rehabilitation
§ 263-a. Powers with respect to lake protection and rehabilitation.
The administrative head or body shall be responsible for:

1. Initiating and coordinating research and surveys for the purpose of
gathering data on the lake, related shorelands, and the drainage basin;

2. Planning lake rehabilitation projects;

3. Adopting by resolution rules for carrying out their duties and
plans for lake rehabilitation projects;

4. Contacting and attempting to secure the cooperation of officials of
units of general purpose government in the area for the purpose of
enacting ordinances deemed necessary by the board of supervisors as
furthering the objectives of the district;

5. Carrying out lake protection and rehabilitation projects and
obtaining any necessary permits therefor; and

6. Maintaining liaison with those officials of state government and
local government involved in lake protection and rehabilitation.