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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Vacations; sick leaves; leaves of absence
§ 207. Vacations; sick leaves; leaves of absence. 1. Notwithstanding
the provisions of any general law other than this chapter or of any
special law to the contrary, the board of supervisors shall have power
to fix and regulate the granting with or without pay of vacations, sick
leaves and leaves of absence, to employees paid from county funds. The
employing officer in any department, board or commission may grant to
such employees vacations, sick leaves and leaves of absence under rules
fixed by the board of supervisors.

2. Vacations with pay shall not be for less than two weeks in each
year for all employees who shall have been in the employ of the county
at least one year. Leaves of absence shall not be in excess of one year.

3. Nothing herein shall be deemed to affect, impair or supersede the
provisions of section sixty-three of the public officers' law, or
sections one hundred seventy, two hundred forty-five or two hundred
forty-six of the military law.