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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Books and records
§ 208. Books and records. 1. Whenever any public record, book, map or
paper has become obliterated or unfit for further public inspection and
use, the board of supervisors, upon a certificate of the county judge or
a supreme court justice of the judicial district to the effect that
transcripts or copies should be made and certified for future public
inspection and use, shall direct and provide for such transcripts or
copies to be made by the officer having custody thereof. Upon
certification by such county judge or supreme court justice that the
same have been examined, and the manner, contents and form thereof are
approved, such certified transcripts or copies shall be deemed to take
the place of the originals for all purposes of public inspection, use
and evidence.

2. Except as otherwise provided by law and subject to reasonable rules
and regulations of the officer having custody thereof, all records,
books, maps or other papers recorded or filed in any county office,
shall be open to public inspection, and upon request, copies shall be
prepared and certified; and, except where another fee is prescribed by
law, such officer upon the payment of a fee of twenty cents for each
folio, shall furnish such certified copy. Upon request and after
diligent search, if no record be found, such officer shall be entitled
to receive a fee of one dollar for certification thereof.

3. In addition to the provisions of the real property law, each board
of supervisors, by resolution, may authorize the purchase and
installation of equipment to photograph or microphotograph, or otherwise
reproduce upon film such records, maps or other papers as may be deemed
advisable; and may provide for the purchase of supplies and necessary
files for the preservation of the same. When duly certified, such
reproduction shall be deemed an original record for all purposes of
public inspection, use and evidence; and a transcript, exemplified or
certified copy shall for all purposes be deemed such a transcript,
exemplified or certified copy of the original. When inconsistent with
the use of entry in record books, such record books may be dispensed
with. The fee shall be twenty cents for each folio, together with the
fee for certification or exemplification thereof.

4. Each officer, so far as practicable, shall complete all incomplete
books and records of which he shall have custody and control by signing
and certifying such completion in his own name and giving the date
thereof. The county clerk shall complete only such records and minutes
in actions or proceedings as are ordered completed by the respective
county or supreme court having jurisdiction over such action or

5. Each officer shall execute and deliver all necessary deeds,
releases, discharges, ratifications or other documents and papers to
fulfill any duty imposed by law upon his predecessor in office. Any
liability of a sheriff resulting from the execution and delivery of a
document required by law on behalf of a predecessor in office shall be
determined to be the liability of the sheriff during whose term of
office the error, mistake or cause of damage arose.