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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Contracts for visiting nursing services
§ 225-b. Contracts for visiting nursing services. The board of
supervisors of any county may, upon recommendation of the county board
of health, contract with any nonprofit institution or agency, wholly or
partly under private control, organized to furnish visiting nursing and
public health services and agree to pay fees specified in the said
contract for such services furnished to inhabitants of the county. Any
fees for services collected by the institution or agency for services
rendered under such contract shall be credited against the amount
payable by the county under the terms of the contract. Such contracts
shall be effective only upon approval of the state commissioner of
health and the state comptroller. Such contracts shall provide that the
contracting institution or agency will comply with all rules promulgated
by the county health commissioner. Such boards of supervisors are
authorized and empowered to appropriate the sums required to be paid to
such institutions and agencies under the terms of such contracts and to
raise the amount thereof by taxation.