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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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County park commission
§ 221. County park commission. The board of supervisors shall have
power to create a county park commission to consist of not less than
five or more than seven members who shall be residents of the county.
The members of such commission shall be appointed by the board of
supervisors and hold office during the pleasure of the board or for such
terms as the board may determine. Not more than a majority of the
members of any such commission shall belong to the same political party.
The members of any such commission shall serve without compensation but
shall be allowed their necessary expenses incurred in the performance of
their duties. Within the amount provided by appropriation and subject to
such rules and regulations as the board of supervisors may prescribe,
any such county park commission shall have the supervision and
management of all county parks within the county. All county parks shall
be kept and maintained for the free use of the public, subject to such
regulations as the board of supervisors may impose.