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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Compensation of employees
§ 205. Compensation of employees. Subject to the constitution and the
civil service law but notwithstanding the provisions of any other
general law or of any special law to the contrary, the compensation of
all employees paid from county funds shall be fixed by the board of
supervisors. The board of supervisors may adopt schedules of
compensation and grades with minimum and maximum salaries. Per diem or
per hour schedules of compensation may be adopted for those employees
not paid on a salary basis and under such rules as the board may
determine. Officers may be authorized to fix per diem or per hour rates
of compensation for temporary employment.

Subject to the civil service law and rules relating to promotions, the
compensation of employees may be increased or diminished at any time.
The compensation paid to any employee shall be in lieu of all fees,
percentages, emoluments or other form of compensation payable for
services rendered to the county by virtue of his employment; provided
however, that any employee (1) required by law to reside at a county
institution or (2) authorized by resolution of the board of supervisors,
may be furnished maintenance or any part thereof at a county
institution. Such maintenance furnished on or after the first day of
January nineteen hundred fifty-five shall be defined and the fair value
thereof determined by resolution of the board and the amount so
determined shall constitute part of the compensation fixed for any such

All fees, percentages, emoluments or other compensation received shall
be the property of the county and be paid into the county treasury
monthly on or before the tenth day of the month. Each court stenographer
shall be entitled to retain to his own use, in addition to the amount
fixed by the board of supervisors for regular services, the fees and
other compensation prescribed by law or certified by a presiding judge
pursuant to law, for transcribing and furnishing a copy of the minutes,
testimony or exhibits taken or produced in any civil or criminal action
or proceeding.

Any physician or dentist employed by the E. J. Meyer Memorial
Hospital, by the Westchester county medical center, or by the Nassau
county medical center shall be entitled to receive fees, in addition to
the amount fixed by the respective county legislature for regular
services, for private professional services rendered in accordance with
the provisions of section one hundred thirty of the general municipal