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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Employment of stenographer
§ 703-a. Employment of stenographer. Whenever the district attorney of
any county in the performance of his duties shall be required to
prosecute a contested criminal proceeding before a magistrate of a town
or village, unless pursuant to law a stenographer be regularly employed
by such magistrate or in the court over which he presides, said district
attorney may employ a stenographer to take the testimony on such trial.
The board of supervisors of each county shall fix the rate of
compensation to be paid to such stenographer for such services rendered;
and in addition thereto such stenographer shall be entitled to and shall
be allowed for a copy of testimony furnished to the district attorney
the same rate per folio as is now allowed to the stenographers of the
county court in their respective counties, and such stenographer shall
receive the same compensation for all copies of the evidence in excess
of three copies furnished by him to the district attorney. Such
compensation shall be a county charge, and shall be audited and paid
upon the affidavit of the stenographer and the certificate of the
district attorney specifying the number of days of actual service and
the number of folios furnished.