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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Prosecution fund
§ 705. Prosecution fund. The board of supervisors shall have power to
appropriate and set aside a fund for the payment in advance of audit of
expenditures incurred by the district attorney, or attorney general
acting under section sixty-two of the executive law, necessarily
incurred in the prosecution of criminal actions and proceedings arising
in the county. The board of supervisors may provide for such district
attorney or attorney general to issue orders upon the county treasurer
for such payment, the countersignature of the chairman of a designated
committee of such board, accounting of such expenditures with verified
or certified vouchers attached thereto and such other conditions and
rules as may be deemed necessary. The claimant, district attorney and
the attorney general in actions or proceedings prosecuted by him shall
be jointly and severally liable for any item of expenditure for other
than a lawful county purpose disallowed upon a final audit, to be
recovered in an action brought against them by the board of supervisors
in the name of the county.