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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Deputy comptroller in Oneida county
§ 839. Deputy comptroller in Oneida county. The county comptroller of
the county of Oneida may, after entering upon the duties of his office,
designate two of the assistants or clerks in his office deputy
comptrollers. Such designation shall be in writing and shall be signed
by the county comptroller and filed in the office of the county clerk.
Such county comptroller shall also designate in writing and file in the
office of the county clerk and the clerk of the board of supervisors the
order in which such deputy comptrollers are to serve during his absence
or inability to act. Before any such deputy so designated pursuant to
the provisions of this section enters upon the performance of his
duties, he shall take the constitutional oath of office. Either of such
deputy comptrollers in the county of Oneida may perform such duties of
the comptroller as may be assigned to him by an order of the comptroller
to be entered in his office and shall also perform all the duties of the
comptroller when the comptroller shall be absent from his office, or
shall be incapable of performing the duties thereof, or when the office
shall become vacant, until it shall be filled.