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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Memorial day in Nassau and Suffolk counties
§ 840. Memorial day in Nassau and Suffolk counties. The board of
supervisors of the counties of Nassau and Suffolk may each appropriate
annually an amount not to exceed two hundred dollars for the purpose of
defraying the expenses of the proper observance of Memorial or
Decoration day at the Long Island National Cemetery, Pinelawn, New York,
and such observance is hereby declared a county purpose. The boards may
raise money therefor by tax in the same manner as other county charges
are levied and collected. The boards may appropriate such moneys to a
committee of several veterans' (or other patriotic) organizations as may
be determined by the boards, which shall be known as "The Long Island
National Cemetery Memorial Committee" and such moneys shall be used and
expended by such committee for the proper observance of such day, and in
such event the head of such committee, and the disbursing officer
thereof, shall file a report thereof with each of the said boards not
later than thirty days after the observance of Memorial or Decoration
day, showing the money received from each county pursuant to this
provision of law and the vouchers for the disbursement thereof.