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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Advancing school taxes in Suffolk county
§ 843. Advancing school taxes in Suffolk county. In Suffolk county the
county treasurer shall advance to the several school districts within
said county, in anticipation of the collection of the school tax levies
therein, and to provide funds for meeting the expenses in the said
several districts prior to the receiving of moneys from the collection
of school taxes, from funds in his hands available, such advancements
only to be made upon a verified copy of the annual budget voted at the
preceding school meeting and verified report of the trustees or board of
education of each district applying for such advancement showing the
amount of moneys on hand and a list of unpaid current bills of said
district, such advancements to be made in installments in the months of
September, October, November and December, and not exceeding fifteen per
centum in September, fifteen per centum in October, ten per centum in
November, and ten per centum in December, of the total amount of the
annual budget of such district to which such advancement be made. The
county treasurer of Suffolk county is hereby authorized to reimburse the
county of Suffolk for such advancements as soon as the funds collected
in the various school districts are available therefor.