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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Hurricane or storm damage in Suffolk county
§ 844. Hurricane or storm damage in Suffolk county. The board of
supervisors of the county of Suffolk may provide for the improvement or
reconstruction of beaches or shore front within the county, to repair
damage caused by hurricane or storm, and to provide suitable protection
to prevent future damage to lands or property by the ocean or other
waters, including the filling in and grading necessary for such purpose,
and including dredging material from inland waterways and moving earth
material on the beaches to fill and close new inlets heretofore or
hereafter formed in such beaches by a hurricane or storm; purchasing,
filling and placing sand bags, opening up old road beds or constructing
new traveling surfaces on the sand to permit traffic along the beaches;
transporting workmen, materials and equipment, dredging material to
construct new dunes on the beaches by embankment alone, purchasing of
material and rental of equipment to construct roadways over new fills or
along the beaches; to aid in transportation of materials and equipment;
purchasing or renting equipment for clearing debris from navigable
waters; constructing dikes, bulkheads, jetties and groins or other
similar devices on the beaches and supplying the necessary equipment,
materials and labor therefor; constructing barriers filled with brush,
wire, snow fence or any other suitable material, extending along the
shore, with jetties of the same or similar materials extending
offshoreward and supplying the necessary labor, equipment and materials
necessary therefor; any and all engineering and supervision in
connection with the carrying out of all work covered herein; clearing
out roadways to expedite traffic, and may acquire real property or an
interest therein for such purpose by purchase, dedication, gift, devise
or bequest or by condemnation in the manner provided by law for
acquisition of real property for highway or county road purposes.