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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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County (CNT) CHAPTER 11

Section 350. Application of article.

351. Definitions.

352. Fiscal year.

353. Submission of estimates.

354. Preparation and filing of tentative budget.

355. Contents of tentative budget.

356. Appropriation resolution.

357. Review of tentative budget.

358. Revision of tentative budget.

359. Public hearing; distribution of tentative budget.

360. Adoption of budget; appropriation resolution; tax.

361. Failure to make appropriations.

361-a. Expenses of boards of elections outside New York City;

apportionment of.

362. General budgetary controls.

363. Supplemental appropriations.

364. Unencumbered balances.

365. Contingent funds.

366. Unanticipated revenues; unappropriated cash surplus.

368. Lapse of appropriations.

369. Audit and payment of claims.

370. Statements of financial condition.

371. Petty cash funds.

372. Tax and revenue anticipation fund.

373. Capital program.

374. Budget message.

375. Allotments of appropriations.

376. Local laws; resolutions.

377. Use of mechanical checksigner.

378. Publishing county audits.

379. Extension of fiscal year.

380. Financing transition period.

381. (Enacted without section heading).