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This entry was published on 2021-08-13
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Department statistics
Correction (COR) CHAPTER 43, ARTICLE 2
§ 29. Department statistics. 1. The department shall continue to
collect, maintain, and analyze statistical and other information and
data with respect to persons subject to the jurisdiction of the
department, including but not limited to: (a) the number of such
persons: placed in the custody of the department, assigned to a specific
department program, accorded community supervision and declared
delinquent, recommitted to a state correctional institution upon
revocation of community supervision, or discharged upon maximum
expiration of sentence; (b) the criminal history of such persons; (c)
the social, educational, and vocational circumstances of any such
persons; (d) the institutional and community supervision programs and
the behavior of such persons; and, (e) the military background and
circumstances, if such person served in the United States armed forces.
Provided, however, in the event any statistical information on the
ethnic background of the incarcerated individual population of a
correctional facility or facilities is collected by the department, such
statistical information shall contain, but not be limited to, the
following ethnic categories: (i) Caucasian; (ii) Asian; (iii) American
Indian; (iv) Afro-American/Black; and (v) Spanish speaking/Hispanic
which category shall include, but not be limited to, the following
subcategories consisting of: (1) Puerto Ricans; (2) Cubans; (3)
Dominicans; and (4) other Hispanic nationalities.

2. The commissioner shall make rules as to the privacy of records,
statistics and other information collected, obtained and maintained by
the department, its institutions or the board of parole and information
obtained in an official capacity by officers, employees or members

3. The commissioner shall have access to records and criminal
statistics collected by the division of criminal justice services and
the commissioner of criminal justice services shall have access to
records and criminal statistics collected by the department of
corrections and community supervision, as the commissioner of
corrections and community supervision and the commissioner of criminal
justice services shall mutually determine.

4. (a) The commissioner shall provide an annual report to the
legislature on the staffing of correction officers and correction
sergeants in state correctional facilities. Such report shall include,
but not be limited to the following factors: the number of security
posts on the current plot plan for each facility that have been closed
on a daily basis, by correctional facility security classification
(minimum, medium and maximum); the number of security positions
eliminated by correctional facility since two thousand compared to the
number of incarcerated individuals incarcerated in each such facility; a
breakdown by correctional facility security classification (minimum,
medium, and maximum) of the staff hours of overtime worked, by year
since two thousand and the annual aggregate costs related to this
overtime. In addition, such report shall be delineated by correctional
facility security classification, the annual number of security
positions eliminated, the number of closed posts and amount of staff
hours of overtime accrued as well as the overall overtime expenditures
that resulted. Such report shall be provided to the chairs of the senate
finance, assembly ways and means, senate crime and corrections and
assembly correction committees, and posted on the department's website,
annually by February first.

(b) Such report shall also include but not be limited to: the total
number of correctional facilities in operation which are maintained by
the department, the security level of each facility, the number of beds
at each facility as of December thirty-first of the prior year, as
classified by the department, and the number of empty beds, if any, by
such classification as of such date.